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Patrick Henry of Virginia: “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”


We will be reporting on a story of why only local attorneys will practice law in Highlands, Hardee and Polk County Florida. Outside (other county) lawyers will just settle the cases or refuse to take them. This was a sort of see what happens lawsuit brought in small claims court.

As soon as the documentation is fully available we will publish it. The story so far in just this one case is that a local good ole boy Circuit Judge Robert W. Germaine allowed a local attorney to procede unimpeded by the Court Rules to "trial by ambush" a pro se Plaintiff.

We expect the rule breaking local attorney to sue us for reporting on this. It would be ironic if that case landed on
Circuit Judge Robert W. Germaine court docket wouldn't it? That would be how the "good ole boy" system works right?

Circuit Judge Robert W. Germaine has denied a rehearing in the case of course. The Honorable Judge doesn't want to air out the dirt little deeds he does....

The case is on appeal to a higher court which is expected to rule for
Circuit Judge Robert W. Germaine.

Stay tuned for the developments in this landmark case....

And another Highlands County Florida story!!

I had to ask!!!! has posted a
on the grass in front of Highlands County Adminstrative Offices in
Sebring Florida on Commerce Street.

The sign reads:

Why would any intelligent
 Official make a business
  hide itself from view
behind trees and bushes ??

The political free speech sign was legally placed in a public area on the grass.

The sign does not obstruct the sidewalk or the entrance.

No one at the County has a right to move or remove the sign.
The sign is an exercise of 1st amendment speech about a political subject that needs public debate. is a non-commercial free speech forum reporting National News.

The sign was removed by unknown person(s) from the Highlands County Public Property on June 26 or 27, 2012.

So admin@dumbdumberdumbest put a second sign back up.
And we are getting the lawyers ready to bring a really expensive lawsuit that the taxpayers will end up paying.

The second sign was placed on the grass out of any right of way to the right of the main entrance.

The sign is well out of any traffic or hazardous area that could be construed as such. The stolen sign was yellow and the new sign is white so we could tell the difference in times the signs were placed. has placed yet another free speech sign on the Highlands County Administration Building grass.

A very thoughtful quote from Patrick Henry, yeah THAT one!! Highlands County hides a lot of business from the eyes of the public. The County hires at will, fires at will, runs businesses for profit in competition with the public sector, and has provided back scratching for a select group of people. Meantime the County goes after the outsiders without reason, protecting the "Good Old Boys" .

The sign was not there long. Someone stole the sign in short order !!!

If placing a sign to express an opinion about the business conducted by the Public Employees of Highlands County is illegal, then there is no free speech. Highlands County has no right to remove the sign OR retaliate against More on the retaliation by the Highlands County Sheriff the day after the editor placed the sign on the grass shortly.   

why the City of Clermont Florida wasted up to $200,000 of the taxpayers money losing this political sign free speech lawsuit.

Wayne Weatherbee and his political sign that is free speech!!!!



The result?  A federal judge ruled in Weatherbee’s favor in 2010, ordering that he be recompensed $62,000.  But the signs are still causing problems, and the city is “bracing for a rematch.” How so? It went ahead and passed a new ordinance against signs:

The city may soon try to impose fines of up to $250 a day for signs that city officials contend violate Clermont’s new sign ordinance, which was approved by the City Council after the loss in federal court.

“Bring it on, brother,” said Weatherbee, thick engine grease under his fingernails.

When asked whether he‘s willing to just take the signs down now that he’s “made his point,” Weatherbee responded with a laugh.

“No, no, no, no, no, no…They’re not going anywhere until we resolve the underlying issue that made me put them up in the first place … . Sure, I sued the city, we won and the city paid. But who’s the city? The city is us, the taxpayers … . It’s like I sued us, the taxpayers, to keep my signs, and protect my First Amendment right, our freedom of speech. Crazy.”

Yesterday, the ACLU of Florida sent a letter to the City of Clermont (in Lake County) requesting that they not enforce an unconstitutional ordinance requiring a $50 deposit to place a political yard sign in your front yard. The ACLU’s letter responded to a letter received by Bryan and Leilani Orr from the City’s Code Enforcement Officer. They were threatened with a fine if they did not comply. The ACLU’s letter cited cases outlining the City’s unconstitutional actions and threatened legal action if they did not agree to cease enforcing the ordinance.

The ACLU received confirmation today from the City that they will no longer enforce the Ordinance, and that Bryan J. and Leilani J. Orr are welcome to replace the sign in their yard. The Orrs removed the sign to avoid paying a fine of $250 and we are happy to report that their rights were vindicated and the sign is now firmly placed back in the yard thanks to the hard work of ACLU Regional Director Glenn Katon.

“I simply wasn’t going to stand idly by while the City stepped on my rights as a citizen,” said Bryan Orr, whose political yard sign for a presidential candidate was the center of controversy over free speech rights. “No one should let government censor them – and when injustice arises, we all have a duty to stand up and say not here, not to me.”

A copy of the ACLU’s letter to the City of Clermont can be found here:

A copy of the City’s letter to the ACLU can be found here:

View photos of the signs erected at Bee’s Auto here:

For a description of the signs erected at Bee’s Auto, download a PDF of the Complaint filed today in federal court here:

Soooooooooooo.........the next call will be to the Highland County Attorney to find out what has happened to the first stolen sign or maybe the second, and now a third!!. wants to ask these Officials who are creating the Land Use Rules that they are FORCING on local businesses why the Land Use Rules are necessary. Why does an adequate existing building and lot have to be "brought up" to new building codes?

No person who has the slightest clue about what it takes to open a Mom and Pop business would make the business produce, up front, ten's of thousands of dollars up to maybe hundreds ot thousands in start up costs to open for business.

A hundred thousand dollars is 0.011458665 percent of MurphyUSA's net income for 2011. (MurphyUSA is installing local gas stations.)
A hundred thousand dollars to a Mom and Pop family owned business is the net profit for THREE YEARS of most small businesses like Barber Shops, Gift Shops, Carpet Stores and the like.(data from USA Today)

No Mom and Pop can afford to work for Highlands County for three years before turning a profit. Cash flow is king to a small business. So there are no takers.

AND the 10 or so employees working for the new MurphyUSA making just over minimum wage do not spend much money at other local businesses. MurphyUSA takes all the profit out of Highlands County. ALL!!

A Mom and Pop business owner, if left alone, will spend a lot of money locally. They live in Highlands County, they buy cars, trucks, trailers, clothes, shoes, get tires, eat out, buy boats, join community functions, buy houses, and more.

When is the last time a CEO or Executive from MurphyUSA, Dollar General, Walmart, Dollar Tree or Darden ate a a local resturant or bought anything in Highlands County? mission and statement:

It will be dedicated to the stupidist laws and the even stupider persons who enforce them. In most cases the official enforcing these laws has a choice. Which did they choose.
Here are some of the ones that qualify!!!


Land Use Plan You had better pay attention to the " Land Use Plan" or UN Agenda 21 rules that your own county or town commissioners are voting into law.

Houston  County, Minnesota Commissioner Tom Bjerke

Houston  County, Minnesota Commission Meeting

On March 13, 2008, at a planning board meeting, this group continued to bring up the Constitution, freedom, and rights. “The board members would bristle in anger,” says the group.

Finally, Curren went to the podium and asked the commissioners if they “knew what they swore to uphold when they took their oath of office.” No one answered. After repeating the question several times, the board replied the same- with silence.

Soon after, a conversation was had between some landowners, Curren, and one of the commissioners.

“I know we’ve sworn to uphold the Constitution but it is an old document; times have changed,” stated Houston  County, Minnesota Commissioner Tom Bjerke.

Tell Mr. Bjerke what you think!!!


Surrounded by many landowners as witnesses, Bjerke continued on to say, “Quit bringing up the Constitution.”

Bjerke did not return any of the repeated calls in regards to this statement or situation.

Buy a house in Houston County and it taken away by the County and rented back to you!!

In 2007, Houston County sued a young, newly married couple due to the new land use plan. The couple, who had just legally bought the home, was given four options to “settle the situation.” The couple was required to move their house fifty feet, purchase an additional 32 acres of land, sell their property to a neighbor, or tear their house down. Dealing with “impossible options,” the couple chose to appeal the ruling in the Minnesota Supreme Court. The court refused to hear their case, thus leading them to sell their property. The couple is now renting the very house they once owned.

Contact the Houston County Commissioners

The elected Commissioners who serve the County of Houston are a dedicated group who put serving the public above all else.  "We are committed to providing exceptional citizen service at all times."

Update on now ex Commissioner Bjerke:

Bjerke does not file for county board seat

By Charlie Warner
Argus Editor

There will be at least one change in the makeup of the Houston County Board come January 2013. Fifth District Commissioner Tom Bjerke did not file for re-election by the June 5 deadline, according to the Houston County Auditor’s Office.

Baltimore city vehicle seizure in lead paint case

BALTIMORE (WTW) — The Baltimore City Sheriff has begun the process of seizing trucks, computers and other equipment owned by the city's housing authority to pay an outstanding lead paint poisoning judgment.

Two members of the sheriff's office went through the fleet Wednesday, placing stickers on the vehicles saying a levy has been placed on them. City officials say the department can't afford to pay nearly $12 million in judgments, and many department assets are owned by the federal government. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake promised state lawmakers earlier this year that she would ensure the housing authority and federal officials come up with a plan.

Attorney Evan Goldman, who is working with plaintiffs awarded $2.5 million, says vehicles and other equipment have been found that are not owned by the federal government.


Oil Companies Fined for Not Buying Nonexistent Cellulosic Ethanol

Posted on 1/12/2012 by with 0 comments

In 2007, Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). In keeping with Bush’s 2006 State of the Union pledge to make ethanol “not just from corn but from wood chips and stalks of switch grass … practical and competitive within six years,” the law included subsidies for ethanol production and mandates for its use. By 2011, oil companies were required to blend 250 million gallons of this cellulosic ethanol into their gasoline. The mandate doubled for 2012, and by 2022 it will be 16 billion gallons. There’s just one problem: “Outside a handful of laboratories and workshops,” the New York Times reports, cellulosic ethanol “does not exist.”……….

Read Article Here…


Oh man, look at my car': Cop worried about his windshield after 'killing teen in drunk-driving case'

  • 'No, no, no, no, no!' Richard Bolling cried when told 13-year-old he hit was dead

An off-duty police officer who allegedly hit and killed a teenager while driving drunk was initially worried about the damage to his car, according to tapes of him talking to himself in his squad car.

After Richard Bolling was stopped having apparently fled the scene of the accident in Chicago, he initially exclaimed: 'Look at my car. Oh man, look at my car.'

But when he was told that 13-year-old Trenton Booker had died, he howled, 'No, no, no, no, no!'

The recordings were played yesterday at his trial, where he denies aggravated DUI, reckless homicide and leaving the scene of a fatal accident.


Trash Can Tickets In Queens

Updated: Tuesday, 20 Dec 2011, 9:24 AM EST
Published : Monday, 19 Dec 2011, 7:48 PM EST

MYFOXNY.COM - A Queens man is very upset after trying to put his trash out for collection and ending up with a ticket.

He, and others, are getting snared in an enforcement of a law that few people even know exists.

The scrooge award goes to the New York City Sanitation Department for the $100 tickets.

Raymond Janson says he received the $100 fine for putting his garbage cans at the curb 30 minutes early.

"I can't say how incensed I am over this," Janson says. "Not only at the excessive amount, but the nature of the summons."

The Failure to Store Receptacle summons from the agent stated: "I did observe three 30 gallon plastic can(s) placed out on the public sidewalk on a non-collection day."

Janson says, "We've lived here 30 years and always put the garbage out Monday and Thursday for Tuesday and Friday pickup."

It is legal to put out the trash cans the day before pick-up but the time of the day matters. City sanitation rules say the cans can be put out no earlier than 4:00 p.m. from October 1st to April 1st.

Janson's ticket was written at 3:27 p.m.

"What, do they sit down the block waiting so they can go catch all of those criminals?" Janson asked.

Fox 5 News has learned that a number of other Queens residents have also received $100 tickets for putting out the trash too early. A state senator is investigating the actions of the Sanitation Department.

A department spokesman told Fox 5 News that the law is intended to keep trash cans from blocking the sidewalks.

Last week, an elderly Brooklyn woman was ticketed for not having a lid on her trash cans.  The woman says she doesn't even own trash cans and her nephew takes her trash from her home.  She is fighting the $300 ticket.

City to credit Caddyshack for payments on street lighting (well at least half of it!). Even when you are caught stealing, only give em back what you want to. Sebring Florida

By: JOE SEELIG | Highlands Today

A representative of the Caddyshack Restaurant wanted the city council to approve Tuesday a nearly $1,480 refund for parking lot and streetlights it has been paying since it opened.

Bobby Fulcher, with Caddyshack, said they only discovered the situation on Dec. 12, when some streetlights burned out and he tried to get them fixed.

"Approximately two months ago there were some streetlights out at the parking lot at the Caddyshack at the city golf course," Fulcher said. "When I tried to get them — I had Mark at the golf course try to have them fixed.

"I found out that the Caddyshack has been paying for all the streetlighting at the city's golf course. There are eight lights we've been paying for and there are six of them that should have been paid for by the city."

He threw out a number of 53 months, then 51 months, and his letter to the council stated 59 months, so that immediately raised some questions with Councilman Andrew Fells, as to how many months it was.

Fulcher said he believed it was actually 51 months — since August of 2006.

"I'm assuming these lights are billed to your electric bill every month?" Fells asked. "Whether this was 59 or 51 months ago, I wish this would have come to council 58 months ago when you realized you were paying for eight lights."

"Well we didn't realize it until the lights were out and the city wouldn't fix them because they were under our account," Fulcher said.

"If they're on your account then you're getting billed for them every month; that was my point," Fells said.

The council members argued over how many lights the city should pay for because some benefit the restaurant.

Fells felt all of the eight lights should belong to the city, but felt the restaurant should pay the bill for four of them.

Councilman John Clark said only three lights benefited the city.

Clark mentioned the restaurant, which paid $2,447.28 rent, was getting a sweetheart deal.

"Well nobody's made it there before, so don't say it's a sweetheart deal," Fulcher said.

Ultimately the council decided to take control of all eight lights and credit Caddyshack 50 percent for a portion of its monthly light bill once it submitted proof of its electric expense to the city and staff has had a chance to audit how many months the there was an overpayment.

DC Resident Fined Thousands For Not Recycling Cat Litter

Updated: Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011, 6:15 PM EST
Published : Tuesday, 13 Dec 2011, 5:24 PM EST


WASHINGTON - It's the law in D.C. - recycle or face a fine from the Department of Public Works. But is enforcement of the law going too far?

Dupont Circle resident Patricia White says she has been fined eight times for throwing homemade cat litter in her trash. The fines total $2,000. White says she shreds old newspaper and junk mail to use as cat litter. She believes she is helping the environment by reusing the paper and avoiding cat litter you will find in stores.

After being fined several times, White says she called the Department of Public Works inspector who issued the tickets. According to White, the inspector admitted to digging through trash looking for violations. White even appealed the violations in D.C. court. Judge Audrey Jenkins agreed with the inspector after White explained the situation. FOX 5 tried to reach Judge Jenkins, but her office has declined to comment.


Seminole sheriff's sergeant suspended after arrest in crash

A Seminole sheriff's sergeant has been suspended in the wake of his arrest on charges of leaving the scene of an accident.

Frank Valentin, 50, was northbound on Lake Emma Road near Longwood Sept. 11 when he slowed to avoid hitting a dog that ran in front of his unmarked sheriff's car, a Florida Highway Patrol report shows.

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle driven by Jeffrey Herrin of Orlando was behind Valentin and hit his Nissan Altima in the right rear, according to the report. Herrin was thrown onto the trunk of the Nissan, broke both wrists and suffered injuries to his pelvis, scrapes and cuts.

The rear of the Nissan had $3,900 worth of damage, including a partly crushed and trunk damage, the trooper wrote. Valentin said he didn't know his car had been struck, the report states.

Valentin was suspended the day after the crash. He was arrested Thursday on charges of leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury and property damage, troopers said.

The highway patrol looking into why it took a month to arrest him, a spokeswoman said.,0,7813640.story

Report: Orlando police officer intimidated teen who says cop beat him

A teen says an Orlando police officer charged with punching him videotaped the youth at a neighborhood gas station in an effort to intimidate him, reports.

The boy's mother complained about Officer Dante Candelaria to a reporter for the website.

To read the article, go to,0,1994822.story

Falls Church Tree House May Get The Ax

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WUSA) -- A tree house is causing controversy in one Falls Church neighborhood after a father built it for his two young boys. Fairfax County officials are considering tearing it down because the tree house violates county rules because it was built in the front yard. He needed a permit first to build the tree house.


Mark Grapin says he didn't know about that rule until after he built it. He spent nearly $2,000 trying to make it legal. His sons helped him build the treehouse.

Last month he says the board voted against him in a hearing, meaning the tree house will have to come down. The family will appeal. The boys are making their plea to the board. Their next hearing is November 30th and many neighbors are hoping that the tree house will get to stay put.

Former Wayne County official Turkia Mullin to return $200,000 goodbye gift

Citizens Insurance roof rule may cost man his home

Jeff Zilinski says he can't afford to replace his roof until he gets his income tax return next year. But it may be too late by then.

If he doesn't have a new roof by Oct. 28, his insurance company, Citizens Property Insurance Corp, says it won't renew his policy. If that happens, Zilinski's mortgage company would assign him insurance that could cost triple the amount he pays now.

"I work paycheck to paycheck, like most people I know," Zilinski said. "I just got out of bankruptcy. I'm not behind on my mortgage, and this company is going to make me lose my home."

Zilinsky is one of thousands across Florida who have had to pass a roof inspection before getting a policy renewal with Citizens, the state's insurer of last resort. Anyone with a home 25 years old or older must get an inspection and prove to Citizens that their roof is expected to last at least three more years.

Replacing a roof on a typical home can cost several thousand dollars. In Zilinsky's case, he got four estimates on his 1,200 square-foot-home, and he said the best price was about $5,000.

The relatively new requirement for the roof inspection has some customers letting their insurance lapse, local insurance agents said. That decision could push Florida's already high foreclosure rate even higher.

Fla. thieves learn lesson: Watch who is behind you in line

WILLISTON — A would-be robber picked the wrong time to steal a jar of money from the counter of a north Florida convenience store.

Williston Police Chief Dennis Strow says 27-year-old Michael Wayne Aurilio took the jar containing $35.78 from the Kangaroo store Wednesday. But he didn't realize an off-duty Marion County Sheriff's deputy was standing behind him.

Lakeland Officer Suspended For Illegal Use of Equipment

Investigation revealed that Derek Gulledge improperly used an internal police database system.

Crime Calif. Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Searches During Traffic Stops

Calif. Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Searches During Traffic StopsIn a case explicitly decided to set a precedent, the California Appellate court has determined police officers can rifle through your cellphone during a traffic violation stop.

This is not the first time such a law has been under scrutiny. In April, the Blaze told you about the extraction devices police were using in Michigan to download the entire contents of your phone.

Florida and Georgia are among the states that give no protection to a phone during a search after a violation has been committed. In particular, Florida law treats a smartphone as a “container” for the purposes of a search, similar to say a cardboard box open on the passenger seat, despite the thousands of personal emails, contacts, and photos a phone can carry stretching back years.

But after initially striking down cell phone snooping, California has now joined the list of states that allow cops to go through your phone without a warrant if they decide to impound your car.

It all began with a traffic stop, and a driver with some gun photos on his phone.

Auto Owners Beware -- D.C. Cops Throw Drivers in Jail for Expired Tags, AAA Cries Foul

In a city that hosts its fair share of murders and terror plots, Washington, D.C., police are cracking down on another threat to the nation's capital -- expired vehicle registrations. 

To the frustration of forgetful drivers, Metropolitan Police Department officers are throwing people in jail for letting their tag renewals lapse. The practice provoked somewhat of a backlash last year after a local mother from Maryland was jailed for what in many places would be a routine traffic offense punishable by fine. But the department continues to reserve and exercise the right to throw drivers in the clink for missing the DMV deadline, no matter where they're from. 


WND Exclusive

Judge: Americans do not have right to choose food

Decision in farm dispute bars families from drinking milk from their own cows

Read more: Judge: Americans have no right to choose food

The Hillsborough Clerks office computer has a meltdown, which means innocent people could end up in jail

Tampa, Florida -- If you go to pay a ticket in Hillsborough County, there is a good chance you will experience major problems.

While the Clerk of Court's office is saying it is having intermittent computer problems, 10 News Investigators have obtained an internal memo that says the problem is much worse and the office is in disarray.

In June, we reported the clerk was going to dump its $3.5 million traffic system computer, which has only been online for 14 months. The computer system is still operating but appears to be melting down.

This internal memo we obtained says:

  • Payments of tickets aren't being recorded and people who paid their tickets will have their license suspended and could be arrested.
  • Credit card transactions are being charged three times on the customers' cards. The state attorney's office is complaining it is not receiving information.
  • Judges can't access the system and defense attorneys can't access the the traffic website.
  • Cases can't be prepared in a timely manner and judges may not have the files they need for the next week or two.

Obama Wants to Ease Way for Debt Collectors to Call Cellphones

California's – New Law.. Warrantless Searches
cbs47 ^ | 10-4-11 | cakid1 California's – New Law.. Warrantless Searches


California – New Law.. Warrantless Searches


Starting next year police here in California will have power to search without a warrant. The circumstances are limited, but the principle isen’t. Thanks to a bill signed by Governor Brown, police can search for pirated copies of movies and compact discs. The idea is to cut down on stolen ‘intellectual property.’  The warrantless searches will be allowed at 'plants' that make ‘commercial copies’ of CD’s and DVDs.   


Some wonder if that violates the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution dealing with Search and Seizure. Others wonder if one day the law will expand.. beyond just 'plants.'

Law enforcement officers investigated over improper accessing of individual's driver data
pioneer press ^ | 10-4-11 | Brady Gervais and Elizabeth Mohr

Posted on Tuesday, October 04, 2011 8:37:12 AM by WOBBLY BOB

If abuse is found, it's up to the individual agency to take action, Skoogman said. If it's serious enough, the agency could contact the city attorney for possible charges.

The department could also revoke access privileges.

About 26,000 people in Minnesota have access to DVS records because of their profession, Skoogman said. About half of them are in law enforcement.

DPS audits the DVS database monthly and monitors it regularly, Skoogman said. If patterns of potential misuse are found, DPS contacts the individual agency.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Federal ruling causes waves at Lake of the Ozarks [destroy residences] ^ | Sunday, October 2, 2011 12:00 am | BY JEFFREY TOMICH

Posted on Sunday, October 02, 2011 5:28:40 PM by DeaconBenjamin

Roy and Karen Walker's condominium at Lake of the Ozarks fulfilled a retirement dream when the couple bought it nearly a decade ago.

The unit overlooking the relatively calm Niangua arm of the lake had everything they wanted. It was near town, right on the shoreline, with an easily accessible boat dock.

But proximity to the water has gone from a selling point to liability, their property from asset to albatross. The couple are among thousands of property owners along the lake now stuck in legal limbo after being notified that all or part of their homes, decks, gazebos and patios were built on land that belongs to Ameren Missouri's Bagnell Dam and Osage hydroelectric project.

What's more, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — the agency that regulates the lake, the dam and the hydroelectric plant — issued an order that all of the so-called nonconforming structures must be removed.

Larry Holmes leaving Larry Holmes Drive

Former heavyweight champ says he's tired of higher taxes, plans to move restaurant from downtown Easton.

September 30, 2011|By Andrew McGill, Of The Morning Call

Larry Holmes is angry. The guys didn't mop behind the bar. They just rubbed it down with some rags.

He's pretty sure he told them not to do that.

"Just go get some cleaner!" he bellows across the phone. "Whatever you need!"

He apologizes. The former heavyweight world champion has a lot on his mind, after all: bills, taxes and, after a decade and a half, a hurried departure from the street the city named after him.

LCB Employee Accused Of Drunken Driving In Downtown Pittsburgh
WPXI ^ | September 30, 2011

Posted on Friday, September 30, 2011 11:02:30 AM by rightwingintelligentsia

PITTSBURGH -- A person whose job is to enforce underage drinking laws is into custody for drunken driving in downtown Pittsburgh, police said.

Overnight, there was an accident at the intersection of Ninth and Penn avenues. Behind the wheel of the car was a woman driving under the influence, according to Channel 11 News reporter Lori Houy. That woman, Houy said, was a Liquor Control Board employer[sic].

The woman’s name has not been released. There’s also no word on what she does for the LCB.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Crime Can You Be a Criminal By Accident?

Should you spend time in prison for violating an obscure federal law you didn’t even know existed?

These days, the government’s answer increasingly appears to be a resounding “Yes.”

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the enormous volume of  over 5,000 federal criminal statutes enacted over the past few decades, and the slow, deliberate destruction of a crucial principle in law called “mens rea.”

Meaning “guilty mind” in Latin, means rea doctrine limits your criminal liability to your intent and knowledge while committing an act.

Basically, “mens rea” says you must know what you are doing is wrong for it to be criminal.

But that’s all starting to change, and it’s a huge threat to the freedoms of every American.

The U.S. Congress has passed a vast array of laws that ignore “mens rea” as a necessary component of a crime. Increasingly, federal prosecutors don’t even have to try and prove your state of mind during the crime. Whether you know or not what you did is wrong, you can pay huge fines or even head to prison.



This is a fight worth supporting for my friends Alan and Kristin Hudson of Berlin Maryland. They are being sued in Federal Court by a private environmental group that gets funding from taxpayers. These enviro wackos are getting free lawyers from the University of Maryland Law Schools which is funded by taxpayers.

A Web site was launched last week to assist a Worcester County farm family with its mounting legal bills to fight a lawsuit by environmental activists. Donate a buck or two. You are next!!!!

Lawsuits & Litigation

Law Students Take On Family Farm

Alan and Kristin Hudson, fourth generation Maryland chicken farmers, want to know why tax-supported law students should be allowed to represent environmental groups while they must hire their own attorney.

The Waterkeeper Alliance and the Assateague Coastkeeper are suing Hudson's chicken farm for allegedly polluting a ditch that drains into the Pocomoke River.

Students at the University of Maryland Law School, which gets 30 percent of its annual $46 million budget from state taxpayers, represent the environmental groups.

Hudson's raises 80,000 chickens at a time for Perdue Farms, which is also being sued.   As an independent contractor to Perdue, the Eastern Shore farm is paying for its own defense against the tax-supported lawsuit.

And the family farm may not survive the legal assault.

All of which has Maryland lawmakers wondering if maybe they should equalize the sides a bit by withholding money from the law school until it sees the error of its ways.

Perdue Says Chicken Farm Lawsuit Threat to Family Farms

Capital News Service
Friday, March 5, 2010

ANNAPOLIS - The chairman of Perdue Farms called a lawsuit against one of the company's contract farms "one of the largest threats to the family farm in the last 50 years," and asked Maryland's Eastern Shore delegation to help.

Jim Perdue, chairman and CEO of Perdue Farms, said no lawsuit would ever have been filed if state agencies would "do their job."

Tuesday, the Assateague Coastal Trust and the Waterkeeper Alliance announced they are suing Perdue Farms and a farm owned by Alan and Kristin Hudson in Berlin. The environmental groups say the farm illegally discharged "harmful pollution" into the Pocomoke River.

Assateague Coastkeeper Kathy Phillips said the dispute began when she flew over the Hudson farm and saw what she believed was a large pile of chicken waste sitting uncovered. She took samples of water downstream of the pile, and said the results showed high levels of bacteria.

Maryland Department of the Environment officials said the pile was actually Class A sewage sludge -- human waste that has been treated at a wastewater treatment plant and is used as fertilizer. Their water tests also found high levels of bacteria, but the department has not said whether the farm violated any regulations or if they will take any action.

Perdue said the MDE should have acted more quickly to grant required discharge permits, and that the lag time created a "void," opening the door for potential lawsuits against farms.

The MDE has regulations for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that went into effect January 2009. Farms must have a certain number of animals and discharge wastewater or contaminated runoff to be considered a CAFO.

These farms are required to get a discharge permit. The permits were not available before Dec. 1, 2009, because of a legal challenge by the Assateague Coastkeeper, the Waterkeeper Alliance and other groups.

Under previous rules, only a handful of farms qualified as CAFOs. But with the new regulations, about 500 farms -- including the Hudson farm -- have submitted applications for the discharge permit. MDE's web site says it could take 180 days to process permit applications.

"You won't see (lawsuits against farms) happening in Delaware," Perdue said. "I never thought I would ask for more government intervention."

But Dawn Stoltzfus, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Department of the Environment, said the groups could have brought the lawsuit against the Hudson farm even if the farm had a CAFO permit, because the lawsuit alleges violations of the federal Clean Water Act in the farm's production area. She said Delaware farms are also subject to the act, and may even be less protected than Maryland farms because Delaware does not have a federally approved CAFO program.

Perdue also said the MDE should have done testing at the Hudson farm earlier, which could have negated the need for a lawsuit.

The environmental groups filed a 60-day intent to sue notice in mid-December, and MDE officials immediately went to the farm to investigate, said Stoltzfus.

Initially, the inspectors were denied access to sampling, but they were able to take photos and gather visual evidence on three days in December, Stoltzfus said. Inspectors took samples in January that showed high levels of bacteria, but the department has not finished analyzing the results and cannot discuss them further, she said.

The analysis can often take several months, she said.

Perdue did not comment on whether he thought the Hudson farm had violated any laws, but said he is worried about the legal costs to the family and to other farm families.

In a conference call Tuesday, Jane Barrett, director of the University of Maryland School of Law's Environmental Law Clinic, who is involved with the suit against the Hudson farm, said she could not comment on any potential lawsuits against other farms.

But Perdue said he thinks there are more lawsuits coming.

"There are a number of additional family farms on the list," Perdue said. "They (the environmental groups) really have no interest in water quality. They have one interest: litigation, lawsuits."

Eastern Shore Delegation Chairman Delegate D. Page Elmore, R-Somerset, said the delegation will raise the issue with Gov. Martin O'Malley when they meet with him Monday evening.

"I don't want to see the day when our chickens come from Delaware and Virginia," Elmore said.

Delegate James N. Mathias Jr., D-Worcester, said he is "extremely distressed" by the lawsuit.

"This is a fundamental industry in our district," he said. "We are with you, man."

This should read man who assaulted the air gets jail time!!
Man who fired guns into the air gets jail time

Posted 9/22/2011 8:44 PM ET
WESTMINSTER, Md. (AP) — A man who fired shots into the air at his home last year has been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Forty-two-year-old Jose Acevedo of Taneytown was this week in Carroll County Circuit Court. He was convicted of second-degree assault in July.


POLICE BRUTALITY: 2 officers indicted in beating of UMd. student

UPPER MARLBORO — Two Prince George’s County police officers have been indicted in the beating of a University of Maryland student during a rowdy celebration after the school’s basketball win over Duke last year.State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks announced the indictments against Officers Reginald Baker and James Harrison on Tuesday afternoon. The officers are charged with first- and second-degree assault and misconduct in office.

And the Regulations Go On and On


Published September 15, 2011

| FOXBusiness


Probe continues into missing county files

PRINCESS ANNE -- A probe continues by an outside counsel into computer files missing from the office of the Somerset County State's Attorney. And county officials have little to nothing to say about the situation since files were discovered missing in early January.

Couple Sues EPA for Abuse of Power

Sep 16, 2011

- 5:03 -

Rep. Raul Labrador, (R-Idaho), on the EPA preventing Mike and Chantell Sackett from building a new home, claiming their property is a wetland

Ex-ATF agent gets 3 years in prison

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A former special agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been sentenced to more than three years in prison on five felony counts.

Clifford Dean Posey of Chesapeake was sentenced Friday in federal court in Richmond. He pleaded guilty in April to wire fraud, embezzlement, possessing or receiving stolen firearms, making a false statement and money laundering.

The 43-year-old Posey was a Norfolk special agent who was involved in an undercover tobacco investigation. He stole cigarettes and sold them, retained the proceeds and failed to report the transactions. He also submitted false receipts and reports to the ATF concerning firearms.


City demands Christians get permit for Bible study

Already fined $300, facing potential penalty of $500 per meeting

Read more: City demands Christians get permit for Bible study

9/11 Memorial Organizers Appalled After Georgia County Solicitor General Disrespectfully Removes Flags

3,000 American flags that each represented a victim of 9/11 were planted at a city park in Canton, Georgia, but found their way to trash cans and the floor of the Cherokee County Courthouse. CBS Atlanta reports that the organizers who planted the memorial are outraged after learning the order to disrespectfully remove the flags came from the Cherokee County Solicitor General David Cannon Jr.:

Atlanta Man Shot by Bogus FBI Agents

ATLANTA -- Police in Atlanta are hunting several suspects who posed as FBI agents Saturday to rob and shoot a man, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The unidentified victim was leaving his Atlanta apartment with a woman at around 10:30am local time when he was approached by several men in the building's parking lot, police said. ^

WND Exclusive

EPA to property owner: 'Your land is our land'

$40 million in fines pending over plan to build new home

Just imagine. You want to build a home, so you buy a $23,000 piece of land in a residential subdivision in your hometown and get started. The government then tells you to stop, threatens you with $40 million in fines and is not kidding.

Former Windermere Chief Daniel Saylor takes plea deal, could face 20 years in prison | Video

Saylor: 'I used to stand for what's right, and I know I've made a mistake.'

Saylor was arrested and fired after a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation accused him of halting a child-sex investigation into a friend and urged one of his officers to destroy records.

The friend, Scott Bush, was arrested Jan. 12. Bush, 50, is charged with lewd or lascivious molestation and two counts of sexual battery on a child younger than 12 and is awaiting trial.,0,1330136.story

Should Law Enforcement‘s ’Stingray’ System Track You Without a Search Warrant?

You’ve probably heard that law enforcement can geolocate you during a live call, but did you know the Feds can find you even if you aren’t on your phone with a device called the “Stringray?”

Breaking News!!! Might be this month's award winner!!!

D.A.R.E Officer 38-year-old John Newcomb mug shot

A police officer in Salem, IN has been charged with a DUI after he crashed his truck that was pulling a D.A.R.E. trailer. The trailer had the familiar logo donning the acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education.  But not only is 38-year-old John Newcomb a local cop, he’s the school resource officer in charge of seven local campuses, where he often gives talks about drunk driving.

You have to see  this one!!!!!! This could be you on your front porch!!!

A Las Vegas police officer under investigation for the videotaped beating of a man in March violated several Metropolitan Police Department policies, an internal investigation found.

Mitchell Crooks' complaint about officer Derek Colling's excessive force was sustained, Deputy Chief Gary Schofield said Friday.



[Officer Derek Colling] Source:
Can I help you, sir?

[Mitchell Crooks]
Nope, just observing.

[Officer Derek Colling]
Do you live here?

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Officer Derek Colling]
Why don’t you turn that off for me.

[Mitchell Crooks]
Why do I have to turn it off? I’m perfectly within my legal rights to be able to do this.

[Officer Derek Colling]
Turn off the camera for me.

[Mitchell Crooks]
I’m perfectly within my legal rights to do this, sir.

[Officer Derek Colling] Source:
Listen! Turn off the camera for me.

[Mitchell Crooks]
No, sir, I am within my legal rights to do this.

[Officer Derek Colling]
You don’t live here.

[Mitchell Crooks]
I do live here.

[Officer Derek Colling]
You don’t live here, dude.

[Mitchell Crooks]
I just said I live here.

[Officer Derek Colling]

[Mitchell Crooks]
HEY! What The Hell!

[Officer Derek Colling] Source:

[Mitchell Crooks]
What the hell are you doing, man! What the hell are you doing! What the hell are you doing, man?

[Officer Derek Colling]
On your stomach!

[Mitchell Crooks]
God damn it!

[Officer Derek Colling]
On your stomach.

[Mitchell Crooks]
Stop it, why are you kicking the camera for?

[Officer Derek Colling]

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Officer Derek Colling]
Stop resisting!

[Mitchell Crooks]
Help! Help! Help!

[Officer Derek Colling] Source:
Stop resisting! Stop! On you back.

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Officer Derek Colling]

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Officer Derek Colling]
On your back. STOP RESISTING!

[Mitchell Crooks]
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (yelling)

[Officer Derek Colling]
On your back! STOP RESISTING!

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Officer Derek Colling]
Stop ___ Police

[Mitchell Crooks]
Helllllllllllllp Hellllllllllp Helllllllllllp, Help, help, helllllllllp, helllllllllp, helllllllllp, helllllllllp. Why did you do that? I live here!

[Officer Derek Colling] Source:
You just told me you didn’t live here.

[Mitchell Crooks]
I have every right to be here. I was observing

[Officer Derek Colling]
Where do you [inaudible]

[Mitchell Crooks]
In here.

[Officer Derek Colling]
You live right here in this house?

[Mitchell Crooks]
Yes, look at my ID.

[Officer Derek Colling]
I will.

[Mitchell Crooks]
It’s the exact address

[Officer Derek Colling]
You should of told me that, dude.

[Mitchell Crooks]
I did

[Officer Derek Colling] Source:
No you didn’t, I asked you, that’s what you said.

[Mitchell Crooks]
It doesn’t matter

[Mitchell Crooks]
Come on guys, take it, you already kicked my a** pretty good now.

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Officer Derek Colling]

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Mitchell Crooks]
No! Oh my god! All my neighbors are aware.

[Unidentified Officer]
Well, good – You got handcuffs, extra?

[Mitchell Crooks]
What am I under arrest for?

[Officer Derek Colling] Source:
Obstructing a police officer.

[Mitchell Crooks]
Obstructing a police officer?

[Officer Derek Colling]

[Unidentified Officer]
__ get up.

[Dispatch Speaking]

[Mitchell Crooks]
Can you take your hand off? Please.

[Unidentified Officer]
Shut up!

[Mitchell Crooks]
(*coughs*) I can’t breath, please, come on.

[Unidentified Officer]
You want medical attention?

[Mitchell Crooks]
Yah, I want medical, please.

[Officer Derek Colling] Source:

[Officer Derek Colling]
You ready to cooperate?

[Mitchell Crooks]
(*deep breath*) Ya, I’ve been cooperating.

[Officer Derek Colling]
If you fight again dude. Hey if you fu*** fight again dude, you’re in a world of hurt! You hear me!

[Mitchell Crooks]

One more unit request 1728

[Officer Derek Colling]
Shut up! You’re not in charge here, buddy! You hear me!

[Mitchell Crooks]
This is my property.

[Officer Derek Colling]
Should have told me that in the first place, dude.

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Officer Derek Colling] Source:
We’ll look at your video.

[Mitchell Crooks]
It doesn’t matter.

[Officer Derek Colling]
Oh, it does matter. Cause guess what? Guess what? If you’re on somebody else’s property, you know what that is?

[Unidentified Officer]

[Another Unidentified Officer]

[Unknown Officer]
YOu can’t video from there.

[Mitchell Crooks]
(ahh ahhh)

[Officer Derek Colling]
Oh, ya, buddy! Hey, when you don’t ah, when you don’t do what I ask you to do, then you’re in a world of hurt.

[Mitchell Crooks] Source:
What did you ask me to do?

[Officer Derek Colling]
Then you’re in a world of hurt. Aren’t you? Huh!

[Officer Derek Colling]
Sit up! Sit down! I said sit up! ___ from under you.

[Another Officer Approaches]
Is there anybody in the house?

[Mitchell Crooks]

[Approaching Officer Kicks The Video Camera]

[Mitchell Crooks]
Please don’t kick that.

[Mitchell Crooks]
You don’t have permission to enter my house.

[Officer Derek Colling]
I’m not going in you house, am I?

[Mitchell Crooks]
Here. I’ll show you my I.D. You wanna look? He hasn’t even searched me yet.

[Unidentified Officer]

[Unidentified Officer] Source:
_________ go ____________

[Unidentified Officer]
I’ll be right here.

[Unidentified Officer Picks Up Camera]

[Mitchell Crooks]
You broke my camera.

The cop

You Fu** With Me!’: Cop Threatens to Kill Concealed Carry Gun Owner During Traffic Stop

Officer Daniel Harless

“I could blast you in the mouth right now!” the officer says in the video after finding out about the man’s gun. “I’m so close to caving in your Godda**ed head,” he adds. “You fu** with me! You’re just a stupid human being!”

He continues: “Fu**ing talking to me with a Godd***ed gun! You want me to pull mine and stick it to your head? … I tell you what I should have done. As soon as I saw your gun I should have taken two steps back, pulled my Glock 40 and put ten bullets in your ass and let you drop.”

“And I wouldn’t have lost any sleep!” he screams.

Breaking !! Watch this previous hatefull rant and threats by the this Canton Officer  Daniel Harless

  • Canton, OH officer Daniel Harless caught again on video threatening to kill citizens during a traffic stop.
  • Latest video actually took place in July 2010.
  • Some similarities to incident that surfaced last month, when he threatened to kill a concealed carry gun owner.
  • Suspect says he was “freaked out.”
  • Police chief is investigating both incidents.

That’s how a second alleged video of now-infamous Canton, OH Cop Daniel Harless, who was caught on video released earlier this month threatening to kill a legal concealed carry gun owner, starts.

(Watch the original video)

In the new video, an officer who looks and sounds like Harless, can be heard threatening a group of people during another traffic stop. The time stamp on the dash cam says the video is from July 29, 2010. In it, as in the last one, the officer is upset after finding a gun in the car. Unlike the last incident, however, it’s believed those involved in the 2010 did not have a permit for the weapon.

But while the details surrounding the incidents are not identical, it does appear Harless is starting to show a pattern of losing his temper when it comes to arrests, and even recycling some of the same death threats.

“You fu**ing move and I’ll shoot you in the head!” he can be heard yelling, which is similar to a line used in the first video.

“I’ll send you both to the grave!” he continues. “Do not fu**ing move a muscle or I’ll put you in the grave.”


“Now I’ll tell you what motherfu**er, I’ll shoot you in the face and go to sleep tonight.” Later he says, “you move and I will shoot you,“ and ”get the fu** out before I shoot you.”

You can watch the video below, but content WARNING — it contains extremely violent and unedited language:

The Canton Repository reports that the officer in both videos has been identified as Harless, and that the new video was released after it requested the 2010 footage.

The Repository has more details from the 2010 stop, including that the suspect in that date’s video pled guilty to a gun charge:

Harless pulled his weapon and ordered — in profanity laced language — the man and woman in the back seat not to move or he would shoot.


In his report on the incident, Harless wrote that the man looked as if he was trying to make a decision whether to pick up the gun or leave it alone, and that he yelled several orders to the man that he and the woman would be shot if she kept moving around.

The man and woman were eventually removed from the truck. The gun, a .25-caliber semi-automatic pistol, was found loaded with a round in the chamber, according to police reports.

The man with the gun at his feet pleaded guilty in March to improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, a felony, and was placed on probation.

According to the Repository, no one filed a complaint with internal affairs. However, internal affairs has now opened up an investigation into the second incident.

WJW-TV interviewed one of the suspects in the 2010 video.

“I was freaked out,” Anthony Leone said. “The whole time he’s telling me he’s going to blow my brains out if I move.”

It’s unclear if Leone is the suspect who pled guilty in the incident:

The local police chief said the results of both investigations will be forwarded on at the appropriate time. But he‘s being much more cautious about the second video considering the suspect didn’t have the proper permission to carray a gun in a car:

“The fact that the incident from last year involved an illegal gun and not a concealed-carry license made it a ‘much more dangerous situation to the officers and the officers would have to react in a much more professionally forceful and focused way,’ McKimm said.”

(H/T: Photography Is Not a Crime)

You can live in a tent in front of your tornado damaged home but no RV's or FEMA Trailers!!


This type of nanny state has to be stopped, then again it's New York!!

Here is one public employee who needs to be decorated with a metal of "dumbdumberdumbest in the nation!" Congratulations to Mr. Tom Johnson from saving us from a dangerous situation. We are blessed to be watched over by the likes of this dumbdumberdumbest award winner!! Tom opened his mouth and qualified himself for the award!! Read this quote. 

"The fine will be dropped if the church replaces each of the improperly pruned trees", said Tom Johnson, senior urban forester for city of Charlotte Land Development Division.

"When they are nonrepairable, when they have been pruned beyond repair, we will ask them to be replaced," Johnson said. "We do that for a number of reasons but mainly because they are going to come back unhealthy and create a dangerous situation down the road."

There are police who don't feel safe standing there with a gun against a woman standing on her own property. Then again it is clear you really don't own your property.

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